New Resource: Humanitarian & Mission Driven Opportunities

This new book is for you if you are planning to make a significant change of career direction: one that will take you into a socially impactful role or a role in humanitarian development or aid. 

You will not be alone: this desire for impact, for career significance, to crystallise and implement a life mission becomes a central focus for many people in early, mid or late career for all kinds of reasons. Mission driven, impactful roles in the humanitarian sector are not easy to find so this new book identifies where the vacancies are advertised, reviews the various online job boards and recommends where to look depending upon your background experience. 

A second valuable section provides a guide to the excellent preparatory (and largely free) education that is now available online for those in or aiming to join the sector.

Essential reading for those planning a mid-career pivot to these rewarding yet challenging and highly sought-after jobs that really make a difference.

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Author: Vitas Consult