Client Feedback

“At different times John has both coached me and supported me and the teams I lead on general organizational people and culture issues. In both capacities he has been superb. He is a delightful character and highly responsive as a business partner. His very wide reading and deep reflection has also helped me to improve my own learning and performance.” – Senior Director

“Your 360 feedback material is outstanding.” – Chartered Psychologist

“I worked with John on a number of leadership and talent management activities … John provided both advice and expertise for the South Asia Region including supporting our talent management initiatives at Global and National levels. John’s depth of knowledge and understanding of best practice talent and leadership was invaluable to our offices being able to identify, develop and retain our leadership. I would highly recommend John for any assignment in this area. He is also a wonderful coach and mentor to leaders both those who are seasoned and emerging.” – Regional Director

“He is a great resource and just knows about what his audience needs.” – Leadership development client

“It has been very easy and straightforward working with Vitas Consult and they delivered professional work within a tight timeframe.” – Project Manager

“This proposal is brilliant! I have been trying to sort out orientation for the last couple of years and this is exactly the type of thing I wanted for our staff …” – Global head of HR, banking/finance.

“I found the quick communication on Vitas Consult’s part very helpful and was very pleased with their level of professionalism, ability to deliver quality to a tight timeframe and their friendly manner of working.” – Project Manager, International Organisation

“I had the pleasure of working with John at Hewitt Associates. As a specialised resource across the EU, I appreciated his ability to systematically deliver projects through a rare combination of emotional intelligence, vision, determination, diplomacy and personal commitment. John’s intelligent and intuitive ability to ‘see around corners’ and anticipate change, in addition to his strong consulting team leadership skills, greatly contributed to achieving business sponsorship for an ambitious HR agenda. I also commend John for his ability and willingness to challenge unproductive conventions in a creative and forward looking way.” – Senior International HR Business Partner and Coach

“I love working with John.” – Coaching client

“John has always been helpful, efficient and insightful. He also uses his significant knowledge to widen my thinking and bring useful new ideas.” – Leadership development client

“John provided very useful resources. I loved receiving the talent, succession and career development resources. He was always very responsive to all queries, and provided me with excellent tools.” – European regional talent development specialist

“Please do stay in touch and thank you so much for all you have done for me.” – Coaching client

“I had the pleasure of working with and having John as my manager at Hewitt Associates. He always impressed me with his deep knowledge and expertise in the area of organisational and leadership development as well as his strong coaching skills. John is very well read and always connected to the latest thinking on HRD and OD in the market which results in innovative solutions for his clients. He has the ability to significantly move the needle where it is required in a very subtle and diplomatic way. He challenged me and my colleagues to think and respond collaboratively and work as a high performance team. I learned a lot from John and any person or organisation coming in contact with him can only benefit.” International HR Director

“You’ve been a true blessing to the organisation and to me individually as a coach and guide. I’ve deeply appreciated your wisdom and guidance through the years, as well as your work to provide world-class resource materials and learning opportunities.” – Leadership development and talent management client

“I just want to say how much I appreciate your support. When I asked, you provided. Often more than I thought I needed, but sometimes you meet a need I did not even realise that I (and others I assist had).” – Coaching client

“I have found John to be extremely helpful, willing to share all his resources, come along side and coach me.” – Coaching client

“I want to acknowledge the huge value you added to the 360 degree feedback process for myself and my team: thank you so much!” – Global President

“John is an excellent coach.” – Coaching client

Partial Client List: The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, The Prince’s Foundation, The CHS Alliance, NHS Scotland, the Department for Education & Employment, Hexagon Housing, the Ministry of Justice, Jubilee+, the University of Kent, Vision Fund International, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, Impactpool, World Vision International.