“My Career Plan”

Career planning tools and templates have become very elaborate and sometimes serve only to confuse the user and give an impression that the planning process is more complicated than it needs to be. In response to this trend Vitas Consult has created a very simple tool that is designed for those planning a career change in mid-life.

It has five expandable sections that grow as the user adds content. It expands as you add your core answers to key questions that power any career plan:

  1. The essentials about me as a person
  2. What shapes me and makes me who I have become
  3. My core capabilities
  4. My goals
  5. The development I need and will plan for

The flow of these five, tabbed, sections is clear and progressive and allows for the user to make the important assessment of labour market requirements and opportunities as they complete and make adjustments to sections 3 to 5.

We have included references to helpful tools that can suggest content in each section. Edgar Schein’s “Career Anchors” inventory and interview process is recommended in the first section, for example, and a preference inventory often helps when completing section two.

Purchase your own copy of “My Career Plan” for £9.99 by clicking here: My Career Plan