Every organisation has unique characteristics, a distinct culture, and a wide variety of leadership needs. √itas Consult bring you fifteen years’ experience of the design and use of developmentally focused individual and team assessments and a strong track record of effectively supporting the development of leaders and teams, internationally, through evidence based coaching.

√itas Consult assessment services include …

Multi-Rater (360°) Feedback

“Your 360 feedback material is outstanding.” – Chartered Psychologist
  •  Working with the leaders of your organisation to identify the discriminating behaviours, aligned to your organization’s core values, mission, and strategy, which you really need to assess and to gain buy-in.Big Wheel_Fotor
  • Identifying how the specific behaviours and requirements differ, depending on what level a person is at within your organisation.
  • Advising on the “should you buy or build?” question: use a benchmarked and validated competency model and survey items or use your own?
  • Composing effective statements for the behaviours identified so that reliable insights are obtained.
  • Piloting surveys to identify redundancy, confusing statements, and missing competencies.
  • Specifying entirely configurable 360°, 180°, and self-assessment evaluations to inform talent development objectives.
  • Partnering with carefully selected survey providers to assure quality and timeliness.
  • Advising on report, questionnaire and on-screen translations to meet your needs.
  • Providing feedback support, development planning and on-going development-focused coaching for individual leaders and groups of staff.
  • Analysing the key themes identified through multi-rater feedback and advising on organisational responses.

Leader and Team Assessments

Using a range of tools (e.g., Insights Discovery, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, etc) and process facilitation, √itas Consult enable leaders and teams to …

  • Clarify the most significant challenges that they – and the wider – organisation are facing.
  • Build team consensus on an area of focus and develop agreement about how to lead change.
  • Understand how various individual preferences may come together to produce different manifestations of leadership within their team – and what the results are likely to be.
  • Appreciate leadership team dynamics, gain insight into individual’s contribution to the team’s climate and taking practical steps to build an effective team and improve teamwork.

Development Centre Design & Leadership

  • “This programme helped me to know more about myself, my strengths and development areas. I understand myself and other people better. I confronted myself with the questions: “where do I want to be in 10 years?” and “which steps I need to take to get there?”. I learned to better define my goals, to reflect on them, to measure them and the final 360° feedback helped me to complete the picture of myself and plan my next steps …” – Development Centre participant

√itas Consult will research, design and lead development centres that enable you to cost-effectively identify the capabilities of key talent, provide and discuss considered feedback and ensure that each participant is empowered to create a business aligned and practical development plan to which they are committed.