Costs of University Study: U.K.

The BBC, in one short article, has summarised (for domestic, not overseas, students) the latest overall costs and potential future financial benefits of going to university in the U.K. 

The article sets out changes for new undergraduates starting their courses from September 2023 which will mean that if you live in England and are starting university next month, you will pay back 9% of your earnings over £25,000 from the April after you graduate. 

This is lower than the current threshold of £27,295. However, you will also have to pay the loan back for longer. Under “Repayment plan 5”, any outstanding debt will only be written off after 40 years, instead of 30.

I recommend the resource as an essential study for anyone considering the possibility of taking an undergraduate course from next month. 

Author: Vitas Consult