At a Crossroads?

Crossroads retreats are happening in person again at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, a beautiful oasis in London and Stanton House near Oxford. The retreat is tailored for moments when we start to feel stuck or unsettled. Skilled facilitators will create the space for you to: 

  • Unlock what you want and what is available to you – let us move you from I want to, to I can, to I will. 
  • Connect with where you find fulfilment – uncover a greater awareness of what you love and your natural talents. 
  • Increase your clarity in who you are and what you want – learn how to spot when you’re overly giving yourself away. 
  • Liberate your true self – distinguish your needs from the expectations others put on you to find a great sense of contentment. 
  • Gain the tools to self-manage going forward – discover how to self-manage, enabling you to make better choices every time.
I am confident if you invest just two days in yourself, free from distraction; you will leave you revitalised, clearer and with a renewed sense of hope. Upcoming Crossroads Dates 20th & 21st June at Royal Foundation of St Katharine 22nd & 23rd August at Stanton House 24th & 25th September at Royal Foundation of St Katharine 27th & 28th October at Royal Foundation of St Katharine 21st & 22nd November at Stanton House 10th & 11th December at Royal Foundation of St Katharine.

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Author: Vitas Consult