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Tools For Talent Assessment

Research indicates that the most reliable approaches to the assessment of people use a variety of methods to learn about competences and potential derailers. When you use a range of complementary methods to assess leadership potential (for example), you are  better placed to come to some working hypotheses about potential, how to target development and […]

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Talent Assessment

The objective of a talent assessment process is to reach a conclusion about each potential member of the talent pool in the following terms. Are they: Ready Now for their next role Will they be Ready Soon for their next role, typically meaning in two/three years Will they be Ready in the Future, typically in around […]

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The Risks of Not Managing Talent

The unwanted loss of even one leader can be costly, given that 46% of replacements fail within 18 months (according to a study by Leadership IQ) and, among senior ranks, the cost of this failure to the organisation can exceed twenty times salary. Imagine that cost being multiplied by your annual churn rate for managers. […]