Glassdoor’s Career Guide

Glassdoor combines the latest jobs with millions of company ratings and reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews and office photos. All of this information is shared by those who know a company best — the employees.  It also has millions of personalised jobs, salary information, company reviews, and interview questions — all posted anonymously by employees and job seekers like you.

After years gathering this data from real people Glassdoor have now published their Glassdoor Career Guide. There are sections on

  • Job Search
  • CVs & Cover Letter
  • Interview Preparation
  • Pay & Salary
  • Changing Careers, and
  • Career Paths

The career paths are relevant to UK job opportunities and integrate summary information from the data that Glassdoor have collected over time.

It’s a valuable resource to dip into – though you may find it difficult to find it in the rather rambling Glassdoor website, so here is a direct link. 


Author: Vitas Consult